Where can i buy Gold Online? – Top 10 Bullion Dealers Near Me

Buying gold bars or coins is now made easier with wide range of options out there. There are various places you can buy gold online. These includes small coins to gold bars depending on your quantity and choice.

It is very important to do your home work for reputable bullion dealers, before buying any precious metals. I have taken time to research the best places to buy gold online. Take a few seconds to download a free copy of   Gold IRA Guide for your good.


key factors to Consider before buying Gold Online.

  • Reputation of company.
  • Fees and Storage.
  • Policies.
  • Customer Service.
  • History and Safety.



buy gold online - best place to buy gold - Where can i buy Gold Online? - Bullion Dealers Near Me

What is the Best Place to Buy Gold Online?

Buy From Gold Bullion Dealers: There are hundreds of trusted  gold bullion dealers you can buy from, some will offers free shipping when you buy online.

Here are few lists of my recommended Bullion dealers to buy coin or gold bar from:


#1. Money Metal Exchange – Gold Bullion Dealer.

money metal exchange review

Money Metals was founded in early 2010 by  Stefan Gleason. The company has made a significant progress as one of the best bullion companies in US.

The price of  gold and other precious metals advertise on “moneymetal.com” , is competitive and beats other gold bullion dealers. Money metal is ideal for investors looking to buy gold online at low price.

Money Metals exchange offers a monthly savings plan starting from $100. You can choose from a  wide varieties of bullion products. When you purchase precious metal from  Money metals Exchange  they ship your item anywhere in the world. I highly recommend them for  anyone looking to buy quality gold or silver at an  affordable price.

  • Own Buy Online & Shipping.
  • 99,5% Customer Satisfaction.
  •  BCA – AAA rating.
  • BBB – A+ Rating.
  • ZERO Negative Reviews.
  • bbb.org – over 66 Reviews (4.93 Stars rating).
  • Bullion: Gold & Silver.
  • Official Websitewww.MoneyMetals.com.
  • Phone Number: (800)-800-1865.
  • Buy gold bars Now

#2. American Bullion Gold Bullion Company

American Bullion review - affiliate review

American bullion is a well-known and trusted bullion company in the world. They focus on converting your  IRA’s and 401k’s into gold.

American Bullion is ideal for anyone looking to start saving for retirement and planning for the future. To learn more about American bullion i recommend downloading the free gold kit to help you get started.

  • BCA rating: AAA.
  • BBB Rating: A+.
  • Ripoff Report: 0 Complaints.
  • Complaints Board: 0 Complaints.
  • Yelp: (3 / 5).
  • Trustlink: (5 / 5) based on 37 reviews.
  • Trustpilot: (4.5 / 5) based on 106 reviews.
  • Bullion: Gold & Silver.
  • Official Websitewww.AmericanBullion.com.
  • Phone Number: (888)-212-8183.
  • Buy Gold Bars Now

#3. Bullion Vault Gold Company

bullion Vault review

Bullion vault was founded  in 2005 by  Galmarley Limited. Bullion Vault has made its way to World’s largest online portal for buying and selling of gold and silver.

BullionVault has over 65,000 clients with total investment of $2Billion+ bullion asset. They offer low prices of gold and silver. The website is easy to navigate and commission rates are low. Highly reputable gold company, with incredible number of feedback’s. The customer services are superb.

  • Own Buy Online & Store.
  • 99,4% Customer Satisfaction.
  • BCA – AAA rating.
  • BBB – A+ Rating.
  • ZERO Negative Reviews.
  • bbb.org – over 1000 Reviews (4.95 Stars rating).
  • Bullion: Gold & Silver.
  • Official Websitewww.BullionVault.com.
  • Phone Number: 1-888-908-2858
  • Buy Gold Bars Now

#4. Golden Eagle Coin.

Golden Eagle Coins has been around for many years now. It was founded by Robert W. Mangels and Richard J. Stelfox. Gold eagle coin started as brick-and-mortar shop selling gold and silver. They are known as a top bullion dealers verified from thousands of happy customers.

  • Own Sell online & Shipping.
  • 99,5% Customer Satisfaction.
  • BCA – AAA rating.
  • BBB – A+ Rating.
  • FEW Negative Reviews.
  • TrustPilot – over 3400 Reviews (4.9 Stars rating).
  • Bullion: Gold & Silver.
  • Official Websitewww.GoldenEagleCoin.com.
  • Phone Number: 800-735-1311
  • Buy Gold Bars Now

#5 GoldBroker Gold Bullion Company.


Gold broker is another reputable gold bullion dealer out there to consider when buying gold. GoldBroker.com is focused on selling, storing and shipping of physical gold.

Goldbroker majorly provide two services: Secure your gold in your name outside the banking system and secondly, shipping, if you decide to hold them yourself.

Goldbroker is backed by leading Expert and buying gold online is made easy with this unique company.

  • Own Storage & Shipping.
  • 99,9% Customer Satisfaction.
  • BCA – AAA rating.
  • BBB – A+ Rating.
  • ZERO Negative Reviews.
  • TrustPilot – over 20 Reviews (4.9 Stars rating).
  • Bullion: Gold & Silver.
  • Official Websitewww.GoldBroker.com.
  • Phone Number: 1-800-780-0350.
  • Buy Gold Bars Now

#6. JM Bullion Gold Company.

buy gold online -jm bullion review - buy gold bars - gold company

JM Bullion is another reputable gold bullion company where you can buy gold online. JM Bullion sell physical gold and offers free shipping on all orders.  JM Bullion  inspects its inventory to insure quality items are supplied.

They accept wide range of payment such as (MasterCard, Visa, PayPal Credit, Check, Paypal, bank wires, and bitcoin). JM Bullion are fully accredited, 24 hours customer support via Live chat.

# 7. Buy Gold Bars from Bank:

where to buy gold coins1,300/mo - $3.71 - 1 where to buy gold bars2,400/mo - $4.02 - 1 buy gold coins from bank

Banks  are great places to buy gold. Although not all banks sell gold coins. Most banks will store them electronically, in that way you won’t face the risk of moving the physical Gold.

To buy gold bars from bank, simple approach your bank and ask them if they sell gold coin. This can also be purchased through internet banking. Some banks are limited to only gold coin. If you are looking for bigger quantity, you may consider buying from authorized gold bullion dealers.

#8. APMEX Gold Bullion Company

apmex review bb

Known as one of the largest bullion dealers on planet where you can buy gold online.  APMEX does a huge volume of sales per day. You can also buy other precious metals from APMEX.

They has wide range of precious metal collection such as coins, bars, and old bank notes. On Apmex, you can find extensive collections of rare coins around the globe.

#9. Regal Assets LLC – Best Gold Company

regalassets review buy gold online

  • Own Storage.
  • 99,9% Customer Satisfaction.
  • BCA – AAA rating.
  • BBB – A+ Rating.
  • ZERO Negative Reviews.
  • No #20 Ranked by INC. 500.
  • Trustlink – over 1030 Reviews (4.9 Stars rating).
  • Buyback Policy – 7 Days.
  • Official Websitewww.RegalAssets.com.
  • Phone Number: 1-844-334-0018.
  • Featured in: INC 500, Forbes,  Smart Money, Bloomberg, Reuters, The Street.

#10. SD Bullion – Gold Bullion Company.

SD bullion was founded by Two doctors. The bullion company was rated  in 2016 among the  top  500 fastest growing companies in united state. SD bullion sells gold and silver at lower prices in comparison to other bullion dealers.

The industry has over  65,000 precious metals invested in their portfolio at very low and affordable prices.  SDBullion.com, a trusted company to source, purchase quality bullion at lowest cost.



In conclusion, I believe these lists will help you make a smart decision when buying gold online. I have thoroughly researched each gold bullion company,  and can tell you these are the best places to buy gold bullion and other precious metals online.

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