How Investing in Bitcoin can make you Fortune

Are you thinking of investing in bitcoin?

what if i told you that you can make a fortune by investing small amount money today and you did become a millionaire in few years from now.

That is what happened to few entrepreneurs who invested in Bitcoin few years ago and today are millionaires; believe it or not Bitcoin is here to stay.

Back then, people thought bitcoin is for fun and never paid attention until it emerged and today is taking over the news. Watch the video below and see what billionaires are saying about this currency.


In the paragraph below we’re going to talk about few points on this crypto Currency

  • Understanding the basics of investing in bitcoin currency.
  • Where and How to buy bitcoins with credit card
  • How to properly secure your bitcoins

Basics How To Invest in Bitcoin

There are 3 ways you can actually invest in Bitcoin.

  • Buying/Selling Bitcoin
  • Invest in Bitcoin Mining
  • Trading Bitcoin

To start investing you have to go through the hurdles of understanding what is Bitcoin, and blockchain technology. This guide will give you a clear understanding on what currency is, and how to make money in bitcoin.

Buying BitCoin

The simplest and the most usual way you can invest in Bitcoin is to buy some currency. Buying bitcoin is now made easy with hundred of Bitcoin exchange all over the internet.

Investing in bitcoin may look strange and scary for some people, but  the truth is Bitcoin is taking over our fiat currency (Dollar) and you shouldn’t sit and wait until the storm hit your financial bank.

One Bitcoin is guaranteed to hit $500k to $1Million in the next 5-10years.

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How To Buy Bitcoin 

There are various exchanges where you can buy or Sell Bitcoin. Here are few one you may consider:

For investors in North America/Europe

Coinbase: it is easy to buy bitcoin with credit card from coinbase but the Buy/Sell feature is only available to few countries (USA, Canada, Uk).


How to buy bitcoin with coinbase How Investing in Bitcoin can make you money

International BitCoin Exchange

You may use Bitcoin Exchange page, to find list of different international exchange  that can help you buy Bitcoin using credit card or bank transfer.

Local BitCoin

You may also find people selling Bitcoin in your community using LocalBitcoins. This let you to find different sellers in your area who want to sell or buy bitcoin.

Make sure you go through the Sellers reviews  feedback to help you choose the best seller to do business with.

Use a Bitcoin ATM

You may also use Bitcoin ATMs. It works like the normal bank ATM, where you can deposit or withdraw money to buy or sell bitcoin. This tool Coin ATM Radar has interactive map system to help you find bitcoin ATM near you.


Investing In Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is a way to invest in bitcoin. You may ask how does this works?

With paper currency, government prints and distributes money.

In Bitcoin mining it involves computers solving as simple maths problem, in return bitcoin generated and incentives paid to people who partake in the mine.


How To Mine Bitcoin

The are various tool and software’s for mining bitcoin. Base on these factors

(1) Price per Hash and (2) Electrical efficiency, the best bitcoin miner are

AntMiner S7 Bitcoin Minner

AntMiner S7 bitcoin mining

AntMiner S9 BitCoin Minner

AntMiner S9 bitcoin minner

Avalon6 Bitcoin Minner

Avalon6 Bitcoin mine



Trading BitCoin

Bitcoin trading can be very profitable for both beginners and professionals. Bitcoin trading is buying and selling of Bitcoin just like how we trade other currency.

Bitcoin is such a volatile market and what people do is to buy and hold. When it rises to significant point they sell.  You can easily make money trading Bitcoin due to fact is highly fragmented with huge spread.

How to secure your digital currency

With the prices fluctuation of crypto currency it is very important you take extra steps to keep your coins save.

Conibase or other reputable exchanges will never ask your password, Authentication code or any vital details to access your account.

Coinbase invest more time and resources to protect their customer fund and security has been their top priority.

However you should take appropriate steps to protect your wallet and minimize risk of getting your account compromised.

Steps to help keep your digital currency secure

  • Every account your should have a long and unique passwords.
  • Make sure you use the two-factor authentication (2FA).  Google Authenticator is the best.
  • Call your service mobile service provider for additional protection to your account. like PIN request, SIM lock or password for your accounts.
  • Monitor every email pretending to be from Coinbase or exchange you currently using.
  • Protect your computer. Install antivirus software.

Final Thoughts

I will advice you to study and understand how bitcoin works before investing your hard earn money.

Bitcoin is still on its early stage and could take months to understand its impact in our world.

I believe Bitcoin is the future currency and that’s the reason why you shouldn’t neglect it.  If you considering to invest in Bitcoin, click the link below to get started.

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