Regal Assets Affiliate Program

Regal assets affiliate program pay’s up to $100 per qualified leads and $10,000 to $80,000 revenue share per investment of every customer you send to them. Is still the best gold investing affiliate program you can join today.

Regal assets specializes in gold investment for IRA & 401(k) retirement investment  account.

Regal assets is one of the leading gold bullion dealers in United state and also extend it offices worldwide. It is ranked #20 Inc 500 company’s.

why Regal Assets Affiliate Program?

  • It is one of the highest paying affiliate program in the world.
  • You get $100 for qualified investors you send to them.
  • You get paid 3% of invested amount by your leads.
  • Average investment is between $20,000 to $100,000.

What You Get with Regal Assets Gold Investing Affiliate

Regal Assets Affiliate Program Review – Gold Investing Affiliate

After you Joined the Affiliate program and get approved, they will provide you with access to your affiliate page which includes the following:

  • Your customized affiliate dashboard/website with real time (call duration, email logs, conversations)
  • You will get a private affiliate phone number  1-800 number!
  • Promotion banners and materials are provided also.
  • Email and lead capturing form to integrated in your website. (Free gold investment kit request)
  • You will be given list of keywords for SEO/PPC purpose.

Affiliate Commission Structure

  • Get paid $30-$100 per qualified lead (Email, Name & phone).
  • Get paid $30-$100 per call (Qualified call from 10 minutes or longer).
  • Get 3% of total money invested by customer. Take for example; if your lead invested $100,000, you get $3,000. if your lead invested $1,000,000 you will make $30,0000. Average investment in Regal assets is  between $20,000 – $40,000)
  • Earn 2% of total investment from  your sub affiliate. You will make money from 2nd tier (Affiliate that signed up through your link)
  • Earn 1% from 3rd tier affiliate referrals.

How To Become Regal Assets Affiliate.

Follow this steps to join the Regal Assets Affiliate Program  and earn big.

  1. Click here to Join the Affiliate Program instantly.
  2. Regal Assets review your application with 48hrs.
  3. You get approved and set to go.

Regal Assets Affiliate Program Review – Gold Investing Affiliate

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